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  1. As someone who is definitely a swing voter, and who believes in voting for the candidate first, I was relieved to see that there was an independent running in this riding. However, after reviewing your site, I cannot vote for you in good conscience. I have no idea what you believe in, what your priorities are, or what, exactly, you want to see done in government. That is what a platform is for. At its core, it is a statement of beliefs and intentions.

    The whole thrust of your campaign seems to be, "Vote for me because you like me least, and I'm obviously not going to win!" A protest vote, in my view, is worse than no vote. It puts a gun into the hands of children who can't even be bothered to ask, "Why?" If a person can't be bothered to reason out which candidate they feel is the least bad out of a bad lot, they shouldn't be a part of the decision. Can you imagine if all of the candidates we least wanted in office won the election? What a disaster!